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Plan a Wildlife Trip To India

The natural wildlife of India is one of the most diverse in the world. The region's rich and diverse wildlife is preserved in numerous wildlife national parks and wildlife sanctuaries across the country. The rugged mountains, a big population of the tigers in national parks, the wondrous deserts and dense forest all offer a great opportunity to satisfy an adventurous and wild spirit. 

The wildlife sanctuaries in India are home to around two thousand different species of birds, 3500 species of mammals, nearly 30000 different kinds of insects and more than 15000 varieties of plants, 7500 species of fishes and around 4500 species of birds. Tour India provides special packages for the wildlife lovers coming from all across the world to India to enjoy wildlife tours in India.

Nearly 4.5% of the total geographical area of India is covered with 80 national parks and over 441 wildlife sanctuaries. These sanctuaries and parks are the major tourist attractions all over India and attract the tourists with their beautiful flora and fauna including landscapes, amazing rock formation and forests.

Indian forest is inhabited by some of the most primitive tribes of the world. Their way of life is something, which has to be seen to be believed. Each tribe with its different culture, crafts and tradition never fails to impress.welcome you to explore wildlife destinations in India.

The beautiful valley of the Himalayas with its wild desolate countryside gorges rivers all pass through Indian Territory. Trekking through these areas exploring its virgin unknown world, is an experience in itself.

Special packages to wildlife sanctuaries where endangered species of animals and birds like the Asiatic Elephant, the Royal Bengal tiger, the Snow Leopard and the Siberian Crane are there to craft their wildlife tour to India a special one. 

We provide special packages for those who are fond of Lions (THE KING OF FORESTS). In Gujarat, about 116 square-miles of area are covered under Gir sanctuary which is specifically created to protect the last wild population of Lion outside the African regions. 

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